No.44 藝術教育研究

Periodical Cover 044


臺灣 2004 年到 2019 年民間出版兒童圖畫書之插畫風格特徵 /伊彬、張長蓉

The Style Analysis of Illustration in Children’s Picture Books Published by Taiwan Private Sectors From 2004 to 2019 / Bin I、Chang Rong Chang

中英文摘要    Summary

感-思-行-省教學模式以涵養想像力及美感經驗 / 許育齡、吳毓瑩

A Feeling–Thinking–Acting–Reflecting Instructional Model for Cultivating Imagination and Aesthetic Experience / Yuling Hsu、Yuh-Ying Wu

中英文摘要    Summary

臺日國小一年級國語教科書美感風格設計之內容分析比較 /林演慶

A Comparative Content Analysis of Aesthetic Style Design in Elementary School Grade One Textbooks of National Language in Taiwan and Japan / Yen-Ching Lin

中英文摘要    Summary

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